Get Quick Cash for Rentals in Kansas City

  • Sell your rental house with tenants still in it
  • No home repairs or inspections necessary
  • No closing costs or realtor commissions
  • Work with experienced, committed buyers

    Get Your Fair & Honest All-Cash Offer Today! No Obligations!

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    Sell My Rental House for Cash in Missouri and Kansas

    Are you a tired landlord? Are you tired of dealing with problem tenants? Maybe you’re looking to cash in on a rental property right now. If so, we can help. 

    At Brittco, we buy rental properties as-is in Kansas City. We work with landlords and property owners in the area to help them unload their properties faster, while offering flexible options for an easier close. Regardless of the condition of your property, your tenants, or your reason for selling, we can assess your property and make an offer. Accept our offer and close in as little as seven days. 

    • No home repairs
    • No closing costs
    • No realtor fees
    • No staging or showing the property
    • No inspection

    If you don't have money to fix up the property, that’s no problem. We buy houses as-is regardless of the conditions of the property. Before you call the realtor, contact us today to discover the advantages of a cash home sale.

    Fill out our online form or call 913-219-5583 to get a fast cash offer from Brittco. Sell your house in Missouri and Kansas.

    Sell Your Rental House As-Is for Any Reason And We’ll Buy It

    Old or Damaged Property

    If your rental property is showing signs of wear but you don't want to spend the money to fix it up, it’s no problem. We can take a look at it and still make an offer you can work with. We buy old, damaged, vacant, and abandoned rental properties.

    Problem Tenants

    One of the most difficult parts of selling a rental property is working with the current occupants, especially if they are problem tenants. It’s difficult to sell your house the traditional way. Brittco home buyers can buy your house and take the tenants of your hands without any legal issues. Let us take the burden of your tenants away from you, allowing you to walk away with no strings attached.

    Tired Landlord

    Are you a tired landlord considering retirement or getting out of the rental business? A cash home sale allows you to get out faster with no hassle. We can look at all your properties and make a cash offer that you can work with. Let us help you get out of the business with ease with  a simple cash offer from our home buyers.

    Our Simple 3-Step Process for Buying Your House

    In a traditional home sale you have to make home repairs, hire a realtor, list the house, stage and show the property, find a buyer, and go through a long closing. The entire process can take several months and cost you thousands of dollars. 

    Our cash home sale solution simplifies the process by eliminating many of the things you have to do to land a deal. You can sell your house fast in Kansas City in just three easy steps:

    Contact Britto

    The first step is to call our house-buying company in Kansas City. Tell us about your house and why you are selling. Feel free to ask any questions and learn more about our business. We'll guide you through the process. 

    We’ll Make an Offer

    During the next step, we’ll learn more about your house and assess your property. If we’re interested, we’ll make an offer within 24 hours. Our offers are fair. We’ll never try to lowball you or take advantage of your situation. 

    Cash for Your House

    If you accept our offer, then you pick a close date and sign the paperwork. We go through a title company to transfer ownership. Once the paperwork goes through, we pay cash for the house. We also take care of all closing costs.

    What Are the Benefits of Selling Your Rental Property As-Is for Cash?

    Sell Your Rental With Tenants Still in It

    Sell your property without displacing tenants. We manage the transition smoothly, respecting your tenants' rights and ensuring a hassle-free sale.

     Work With Experienced, Committed Home Buyers

    Partner with seasoned buyers adept at handling rental property sales. Benefit from their expertise and commitment to a smooth transaction.

    Sell Your House for Any Reason

    No matter the reason for selling—financial issues, relocation, or simply wanting to offload the property—we facilitate a quick, hassle-free sale.

    Sell Your Rental House Fast

    Cash sales move swiftly, often closing within a week. Expedite the process, ensuring a rapid sale without the typical delays of traditional methods.

    Sell Your House As-is - No Repairs

    Avoid the hassle of repairs or renovations. Sell your property in its current condition, saving time and money. Skip the need for costly fixes before selling.

    Sell Your House Fast in Missouri and Kansas

    If you need to sell your house fast but don’t want the hassle of a traditional home sale, contact Brittco. We buy houses as-is. No repairs are needed. Avoid closing costs and realtor commissions. Close in as little as seven days. Call 913-219-5583 for a fast cash offer from our local home buyers in Missouri and Kansas.

      Get Your Fair & Honest All-Cash Offer Today! No Obligations!

      By submitting this form, you agree to our Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. You may receive both automated and personal text messages. Reply STOP at anytime to opt-out.

      Or Call Us Now At 913-219-5583


      Can I legally sell my rental property with tenants still in it?

      Yes, it's legal, but tenant rights must be honored. Selling with tenants in place means the buyer assumes the lease agreements.

      What are allowable expenses when selling a rental property?

      Allowable expenses include real estate agent commissions, advertising costs, legal fees, and property improvement expenses directly related to the sale, which can lower your taxable gain.

      How do I sell a rental property without paying taxes?

      Utilizing a 1031 exchange allows deferring taxes by reinvesting sale proceeds into a similar investment property, effectively delaying capital gains taxes.

      What are the pros and cons of selling a rental property?

      Pros include cashing out for immediate funds, eliminating landlord responsibilities, and potentially realizing a profit. Cons might involve tax implications, capital gains, and the loss of a consistent rental income stream.

      How soon do I get paid if I sell my house as-is for cash?

      With a cash sale, the closing process typically occurs faster than traditional sales, often within a few weeks. Once the sale closes, you'll receive the agreed-upon cash payment at that time.